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    Introduce to the glue making equipment

    The glue making equipment is one of the indispensable auxiliary equipment for the production of melamine, urea-formaldehyde and phenolic glues for paper impregnaing and coating machine. The complete line consists of a raw material storage tank, a dosing unit, a reactor and a cooling unit. The materials are stirred, mixed and dispersed by stirring, heating and cooling, and the temperature is adjusted by applying the corresponding hot and cold loads, so that the materials are stirred and reacted in the tank to achieve the final product. The capacity of the reactor can be customized according to the customer's needs.


    Glue making process



    1. Fast temperature rise and fall

    2. High heat transfer efficiency, high production efficiency

    3. Even mixing, easy to operate.

    4. Non-stick material, easy to clean.

    5. More than 40% energy saving than conventional reactor with the same heat transfer area.

    Heating method

    1. Steam

    2. Heat conduction oil

    Description of the main components


    The reactor is a comprehensive reaction vessel, designed according to the reaction conditions for the structural function of the reactor and the configuration of accessories. From the beginning of feeding - reacting - discharging the reaction can be completed with a high degree of automation, with strict regulation of important parameters such as temperature, pressure, mechanical control (stirring, air blowing, etc.) and concentration of reactants/products during the reaction process. Its structure generally consists of a kettle body, drive unit, stirring unit, heating unit, cooling unit and sealing unit.

    Electronic scales

    Electronic scales have been more commonly used in the production of rubber raw material metering, can reduce human-induced errors, so that the raw material ratio more accurate, formaldehyde, urea, phenol, etc. can be accurately measured, reducing operational errors, from the fundamental to ensure the stability of the product and production.


    The condenser is used to condense the evaporated steam and volatilised reaction material in the reaction solution, so that it can be returned to the reaction kettle and continue to participate in the reaction, in order to ensure that the conditions of the various raw material ratios in the reaction solution remain unchanged, increase the resin yield, ensure the quality of resin and reduce environmental pollution. Due to the small size of the tubular condenser, the large heat transfer area and the convenience of disassembly, it is commonly used in the production of rubber. For the production of dehydrated glue, a mist eliminator should be installed on the steam rising pipeline to prevent the glue from being removed and adhering to the condenser, which reduces the heat exchange effect and production efficiency.

    Customer plants example

    reactor 1 (1).jpg

    reactor 2 (1).jpg

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