Application of Impregnated Paper

Melamine faced boards

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    Impregnated paper in the wood-based panel industry - Melamine faced boards

    What is melamine faced boards?

    Melamine board, the full name of melamine resin impregnated paper faced wood-based board, the surface has certain properties such as wear resistance, heat resistance, pollution resistance, and easy cleaning. Melamine panels have a widely range of applications in the furniture industry. Short-cycle laminating hot presses are used for laminating melamine-impregnated decorative papers onto MDF, Particleboard and Plywood, steel plates can make the surface a different texture. Our two-stage impregnation and coating machines ensure precise impregnation and coating of melamine and urea resins on the treated paper surface.

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    Here we can offer special solutions for cut-to-mark and streth control, in order to have your decor pressed according to the sheet metal structure. 



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