Application of Impregnated Paper

Laminate flooring

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    Impregnated paper in the wood-based panel industry - Laminate flooring

    What is laminate flooring?

    Laminate flooring is popular among consumers for its wear resistance, various styles, stable structure, easy installation, pollution resistance, and low price. We have designed different types of impregnation production lines for the different requirements of impregnation production process of paper for flooring production. The line will use one stage impregnating line and two stage impregnating line for overlay paper, decorative paper, and balance paper, and different glue formulas will be used according to the process requirements. The line has the advantages of high production efficiency, high precision of glue pick-up, and easy to do.

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    For the production of laminate flooring, our impregnation and coating lines apply a liquid overlay (Al2O3) to the overlay paper or decorative paper. The technology used results in a finished product with high wear resistance and clarity, moisture resistance, as well as colorfast (fade resistant) and anti-static properties.


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